Welcome to the Incoming and Continuing Board Members


Welcome to the Incoming and Continuing Board Members and Our Deep Appreciation to the Outgoing Board Members

Every year there are changes to the State Board composition. In the even years, CAAEYC members elect the Vice President and Treasurer for two-year terms. In the odd years, CAAEYC members elect the President-Elect and Secretary for two-year terms. With the beginning of the Board President's term, which began July 1, 2023, President Fran Chasen appointed new Committee Chairs.

We welcome new Board members or in some cases Board members to new positions:
Fran Chasen, Board President
Shera Scott, Board President-Elect
Jessican Brennan, EdD, Board Secretary
Michael Fritzen, Conference Committee Chair
Liliana Perez, Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair
Juliet Zemaitis, Public Policy Committee Chair
Nicole Willard, EdD, Quality Initiatives and Accreditation Committee Chair
Jula Herzog, Director – California Cascade Chapter
Allison Wilbers, Director – Central Region Chapter
Michelle St. Germaine, Director – East Bay Chapter
James Moses, Director – Inland Empire Chapter
Sherrie Rose Mayle, Director – Santa Clara Valley Chapter

We appreciate continuing Board members:
Michelle Soltero, Board Vice President
Sydney Fisher Larson, Board Treasurer
Adria Taha-Resnick, EdD, Immediate Past President and Chapter Relations and Development Committee Chair
Tessie Ragan, Family Child Care Committee Chair
Ed Sudario, Men and Early Care and Education Committee Chair
Jacque Sell, Professional Development Committee Chair
Terri Allison, Fund Development Committee Chair
Ginger Swigart, Past Presidents Council Chair
Sally Gomez, Director – Central California Chapter
Tammy Singdale, Director – Foothill-San Gabriel Valley Chapter
Raechelle Bowlay, Director – Pacific Coast Chapter
Leah Sanders, Director – Redwood Coast Chapter
Kathleen Pompey, Director – Southern California Chapter


We extend deep appreciation to the following outgoing Board members for their dedication to CAAEYC:
Heidi Thumlert, Board President (2019-21) and Chapter Relations and Development Committee Chair (2021-23)
Kathy Thompson, 2022 Conference Committee Chair
Margie Costello-Chevis, 2023 Conference Committee Chair
Carolyn Lane, Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair
Danielle Tuttle, Director – California Cascade Chapter
Jeff Procive, Director – Central Coast Chapter
Wilma Smith, Director – Kern Chapter
Brooke Loeffler, Director – San Diego-Imperial Chapter

We are inspired by the unconditional commitment and engagement of all Board members.