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CAAEYC advocates for advancement in the early care and education profession and improvement of the lives of young children. Our Public Policy Committee reviews bills related to the importance of early childhood issues and communicates regularly to our legislators regarding these concerns. The Committee develops a policy platform yearly with consultation from the CAAEYC Board of Directors.

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Jean Goulart, CAAEYC Public Policy Chair

California Legislative File Bill List

CAAEYC reviews bills that we believe are of interest to early childhood professionals. If you have a bill that you would like our CAEYC Public Policy Committee to review, please contact CAEYC at

Bill Number & Author


Bill Status

Recommended Position

AB 5 (Gonzalez & Kalra)

Requires employers with 10 or more employees to offer additional hours of work to an existing employee before hiring an additional employee or subcontractor

Introduced 12/5/16. Committee on Labor & Employment


AB 60 (Santiago & Gonzalez)

Requires 12-month continuous eligibility for subsidized child care for low-income families

Introduced 12/7/16. Committee on Human Services.

Hearing 3/7/17


AB 231 (Chavez)

Starting FY 2018-19 defines income eligibility at or below 75% of SMI; establishes phasing out scale for eligibility up to 85%

Introduced 1/26/17.

Committee on Human Services. Hearing 3/7/17


SB 62 (Jackson)


Redefines term “child” for purposes of family or medical leave

Introduced 12/22/16; Committee on Labor & Industrial Relations


SB 63 (Jackson)


Prohibits an employer for refusing to allow an employee with more than 12 months of service & at least 1,250 hours of service during previous 12 months to take up to 12 weeks of parental leave to bond with new child; requires employer to maintain & pay for group health coverage

Introduced 12/22/16. Committee on Labor & Industrial Rela-tions; Committee on the Judiciary


SB 78 (Leyva)


Appropriates an additional $99.3 million annually to ASES. Requires DOF to annually adjust program amount to meet minimum wage increases

Introduced 1/11/17. Committee on Education