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Courageous Conversations Guide Healing

California Association for the Education of Young Children stands ready to listen and engage in courageous conversations that promote understanding, to advocate for change, and to take actions that ensure equity for our members, communities, and all children and families. Early childhood has long been present at the intersectionality of othering and isms; inherent in our work is acknowledging and combatting dimensions of inequity in the lives of all children and families. The recent events highlight the critical need for us to join forces with Black people and other marginalized communities for healing, recognizing situations of institutionalized racism, and influencing collaborative efforts to drive change to advance equity and social justice. Though we have always viewed ourselves as champions for social justice, we cannot ignore the urgent call to proactively reexamine our practices and recommit to naming and eliminating racial inequities throughout our organization.

Follow us on Social Media. Coming soon to this page: relevant articles, updates on our activities and work to reexamine our practice and make changes, resources for action you can join and/or engage, and resources to share with colleagues, community families and children.