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CAAEYC Members had the opportunity to review and vote on the proposed Bylaws Amendments during the open voting period June 6, 2017 - June 22, 2017. The CAAEYC Board of Directors ratified the approval of the CAAEYC Bylaws at their board meeting on June 24, 2017.

Changes to the CAAEYC Bylaws were researched and proposed through the National Dialogue and Governance Ad Hoc Committees, while working with a nonprofit governance attorney, Chris Delfino of the Delfino-Madden law firm. The changes reflect the following priorities: 

  1. To ensure that CAAEYC Bylaws meet all current California State laws and regulations.
  2. To change the composition of the Board of Directors positions to reflect the new chapter governance structure (e.g., every Chapter will identify a designated representative to serve on the CAAEYC State Board of Directors).
  3. To change the terms and roles of the Chapter Representatives to stagger terms to maintain continuity of leadership at the State Board level.
  4. To establish a permanent Standing Committee for Chapter Relations and Development to ensure the growth and sustainability of Chapters statewide.

The greatest areas where the proposed bylaws amendments occur are highlighted in yellow in the "Redline Version" of the document (link below) and are identified here:

  • Article II, Section 2 [page 1 in the document]
  • Article V, Section 3 [page 9 in the document]
  • Article V, Section 4(b) [page 9 in the document]
  • Article V, Section 5(b) [page 10 in the document]
  • Article VIII, Section 1(e) [page 16 in the document]

Bylaws Documents Links

Should members have questions or need clarification, please contact Deidre Bryant, CAAEYC Executive Director, by email:


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