Public Policy

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What is advocacy?

  • Calling for change where change is needed
  • Representing the needs of others who  cannot advocate or represent themselves
  • Going to the source or sources who can make change happen

Why is your involvement in advocacy important?

  • Decisions related to the state budget and legislation impacts members, children and families
  • We are trusted experts in our communities
  • We are the eyes, ears and voice of our community
  • We can mobilize parents to be involved in advocacy as well
  • We can turn 5,000 advocates into 50,000 or more based on our community and professional connections alone


How do I get involved?

  • Get connected to information from the CAAEYC public policy team. Connect via email to
  • The CAAEYC public policy team will alert members of current advocacy issues and what action is necessary
  • Collaboratively - As a member of the statewide ECE Coalition, CAAEYC members have access to the shared resources from Coalition member organizations

Examples of Advocacy

  • Participating in actions and activities calling attention to an issue
  • Letters and emails by members/parents
  • Talk with community members about how changes are made to their services & how  they can be involved Phone calls to representatives
  • One-on-one meeting with lawmakers, state/local dept. heads, and other organizations that support your work 

When is the right time for advocacy?

  • Educating elected officials and the community happens ALL year long!
  • While the state budget is being discussed January to June
  • When laws are being created through the Legislative process (2-year cycle)