CAAEYC Members Are the Heart of Everything We Do

CAAEYC Members Are the Heart of Everything We Do

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Gloria Davis

As CAAEYC’s new Vice President of Membership, I am thrilled to reveal what’s in the works for my new role. It is a pleasure to serve as a resource for membership development activities for CAAEYC local chapters.

First and foremost, we will grow our dynamic membership committee in coordination with membership chairs of 18 local chapters that includes 1) California Cascade 2) Central California 3) Central Coast, 4) Central Region, 5) East Bay 6) Foothill-San Gabriel Valley, 7) Inland Empire, 8) Kern Chapter, 9) Marin 10) Mendocino Coast, 11) Pacific Coast, 12) Redwood Coast, 13) Redwood Empire, 14) Sacramento Valley, 15) San Diego-Imperial, 16) Santa Clara Valley, 17) Southern California, 18) Ventura County.

Secondly, the committee will set some reasonable, attainable and challenging goals for the next two years such as increasing membership and male involvement on every level, and target and recruit potential new members while retaining current members and processes for recognizing new members.

Your membership committee is looking forward to increase the diversity and inclusion with focus on increasing the representation of our members on every level of leadership, leveraging diversity for the growth of CAAEYC and the success of members and communities, enhancing and promoting newcomers (members) in the field of early education by providing information and pathway to leadership.

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