Why We Want You!

Why We Want You!

There are a number of reasons people volunteer their time and resources to professional nonprofit organizations. Most often it is the feeling of giving back to an organization that has provided vital resources, networking and solutions to like-minded groups.

California AEYC has a network of 18 chapters statewide, along with xxx state standing committees. Several of the CAAEYC committees are seeking volunteers to support the program of work for the committee and the overall organization.

Individuals volunteer because they have experiences or expertise that will prove helpful to the organization overall, whether it is planning educational programs, advocating for early childhood educators, contributing to publications, etc. Very often volunteers say the reason they commit their time and resources is they believe they can effect change that benefits others.

Here is our ask of you. If you – or someone you know who is an early childhood education professional – would like to contribute to the overall success or has an expertise that CAAEYC could benefit from, we invite you to join in.

Each committee has its own program of work and meeting schedule. Click into the Google form to submit you contact information and select the committee or committees that interest you. We would be happy to connect you with the CAAEYC committee chair or other volunteer leader to learn more.

We hope you will give consideration to joining other ECE professionals such as you – we are certain you will enjoy your experience and make new connections.

Google Form link: https://forms.gle/3m9MZFr6iVTGKAwM7