CAAEYC Connects


Jacque Sell
Jacque Sell

The CAAEYC Connects portal is a one-stop resource for early care and education professionals in California. CAAEYC Connects has resources for family child care providers, students, teachers, administrators, coaches and others supporting early care and learning in California. You will easily recover your $75 annual subscription in time savings (about 6 hours of activity) finding classroom activities, family engagement ideas, templates for forms and policies, CACFP resources and savings opportunities and more.

As a program owner/administrator you will have access to opportunities to offer health, dental and mental health benefits for your employees, food and supplies savings, and several other savings and resource opportunities for your employees. For more information about opportunities for your program, contact us at

Also watch for monthly CAAEYC Connects virtual tours of the site and specific benefits/opportunities for members (and a limited time discount offer for a year’s subscription).