Award Application Process Opening Soon

Award Application Process Opening Soon

Kathy Thompson

Each year CAAEYC announces its awards and grants program that supports ECE professionals in their pursuit of higher education or to attend the Annual Conference and Expo. There are three award categories: Presidents Education Award, CAAEYC Annual Conference Award and Irv Kaplan Annual Conference Award.

The Presidents Education Award was originally established by CAAEYC to honor Docia Zavitkovsky. The Presidents Education Award is a $1,000 award offered to CAAEYC members to encourage pursuit of advanced educational degrees and leadership in the profession. Docia Zavitkovsky, an icon in early childhood education, served as NAEYC President (1984-86) and was the Director of the Santa Monica Children’s Centers. In 2003, she founded Play Matters, an organization dedicated to enhancing the role of play in the lives of young children. It is the intent of the Presidents Education Award to provide encouragement to those members who wish to pursue a graduate degree or credential and to provide fiscal support for books, tuition or general costs of advanced education.

The CAAEYC Annual Conference Award offers five (5) awards for members to attend the CAAEYC Annual Conference and Expo – Full Conference (Early Bird Registration). The Conference Award hopes to promote attendance for those members who are interested in learning new and innovative techniques, share resources and meet new members of their profession. This award encourages involvement in the organization and provides continual growth and vitality in the field of early childhood education.

The Irv Kaplan Annual Conference Award was created to recognize and honor CAAEYC member Irv Kaplan. “This conference is so important! I don’t understand why more people won’t go,” are the words Irv Kaplan would say each year after attending the informative and motivating CAAEYC Annual Conference and Expo. He would return energized and would bring back “gems” to the ECE center where he taught young children and the many ECE students he taught at the community college level.

The CAAEYC Irv Kaplan Annual Conference Award offers up to three (3) awards for CAAEYC members to attend the CAAEYC Annual Conference and Expo – Two days (Early Bird Registration & Cash Stipend). The goal of sharing the Conference with more people, especially those who may be financially restricted, was Irv’s vision. This Conference Award is funded by the generous donations from Francene Kaplan, PhD (Irv’s sister) and many others.

Look for an announcement in December with details about each award application and the deadline. The information will also be posted on the CAAEYC website.