Sing Along Loud

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Adria Taha-Resnick, EdD

Sing Along Loud

“I can hear change humming
In its loudest, proudest song.
I don't fear change coming,
And so I sing along."  

-Amanda Gorman (2021)

When I sit to reflect on what I want and need to say to the thousands of you every day who are out in the field, I am overcome with emotion. It’s not just the pandemic, or the amount of time, effort, and compassion you all put into your work, but also the forward momentum we are gaining as a field. We, as early childhood educators and advocates, are being seen in a new light, which is so much brighter than ever before. This is a time of great change, but more importantly a time of great opportunity. 

As far as I can remember in my 30+ year career, early childhood educators have been walking uphill. We have been in a perpetual cycle of explaining the importance of our work and the importance of professionalizing it. Constantly hoping that legislators and society would not only see the value in what we do for children, but to vote and allocate funds accordingly. And now, here we are in a place of change within some of the most important issues facing California’s early childhood education realm. While it may seem daunting, this is what we have wanted! On the horizon is not only universal TK, but an amazing, perhaps one time opportunity for our workforce to be included in these important changes. 

Just as I stand on the shoulders of the early education advocates that came before me, we also need to prepare the next generation to stand on our shoulders. I remember my mentors cheering me on, telling me and my peers that we were the future. The common theme of passing the reins to the next generation and hoping they get even an inch further – an inch further in reaching all children in the state of California; an inch further in getting more adequate funding; and an inch further in the professionalization and appreciation for early childhood educators. I feel proud to be among such dedicated, hardworking and persevering colleagues such as all of you. I also am encouraged by the momentum that can guide the next generation to keep these recent changes moving in the right direction. I see the forward thinking, dedicated people we have serving on our boards throughout the state as well as those on our state committees who tirelessly work to serve early childhood educators throughout California. I see how important you all are individually and how we, collectively, can accomplish so much.

In response to both the pandemic and the state of early childhood in California at present, the entire state board collaborated to create a multi-year strategic plan. I am looking forward to our future endeavors as an organization and invite all of you to reach out if you have any interest in visiting any committee meetings. We aim to have different perspectives, different lenses and different areas of expertise represented across our large and diverse state. Please consider joining us!  

For our New Year’s resolution, let’s embrace change, let’s sing along loud and proud as we take early childhood into the next chapter. We work for children, families and most importantly for the future of ALL society. Let’s do this 2022! 

With gratitude,
Adria Taha-Resnick, EdD