Take Your Next Step – Board Officer Positions Now Open!

Heidi Thumlert

Take Your Next Step – Board Officer Positions Now Open!

It is time for the Nominations and Elections Committee to gather again. The officer positions of President-Elect and Secretary will be elected by the membership in April 2019. Part of the criteria for a nomination is having held a State Board position in the last five years. If that is you and you might be interested in one of these two positions, contact Deidre Bryant at the CAAEYC office – (916) 486-7750 or deidreb@caeyc.org. We would be delighted to hear from you. If you have a friend/colleague who you believe meets the criteria and believe they would be an ideal candidate, let us know that as well.

Also, if there is a committee chair position that sounds interesting to you let me know at: thumsup@aol.com. Committee Chair assignments are appointed by the President with final affirmation by the State Board of Directors.

We are in a fascinating time right now as we emerge from the transition. Our membership numbers are rising, and we are looking forward to being in greater creative partnerships with Chapters. So, it is a good time to jump into the mix.

So I ask you to ponder the question, “How could I see myself becoming more engaged in my professional Association?”

Then let us know!

Happy Holidays to all of you.