Get Your Chapter Buzzing with New Members in 2022

Gloria Davis

Get Your Chapter Buzzing with New Members in 2022

Why do chapters need new members? The chapter needs new members for many reasons. First, imagine having members to fill all of your roles, including the President, VP of Programs, VP of Membership, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-at-Large. With more members, the chapter increases enthusiasm for meetings, functions and diversity, which enriches all aspects of programs and activities with a greater depth of leadership and collaboration among members.

Secondly, in turn, members will benefit from a more robust leadership development that's better suited for everyone. There's membership in CAAEYC for you to further your professional and personal goals and improve local communities and organizations wherever you are in your journey. Additionally, benefits to new members build confidence, leadership and social skills. To end, as a member, you have access to cutting-edge resources and leadership opportunities.

Members joining NAEYC receive membership at the national level and with the CAAEYC affiliate. As a member, you will receive all the benefits of NAEYC membership and enjoy the benefits of membership in a national and an affiliate early childhood organization at the same time! There are four member levels to choose from: Entry Level: $30, Standard: $69, Premium: $150, and Family: $35. Having a buzzing Chapter will build membership and build camaraderie. So why not make the new year special one for yourself, staff, friends or a family with a membership gift in CAAEYC.

Membership is the best way to access resources to help make you successful in your educational and career journey. As a member, you will have opportunities to connect with professionals in your community and other communities. In addition, you will be part of a national and statewide network that helps advocate for children, staff and families, whether you are just starting in the field or have been a long-time member. CAAEYC advocates for advancement in the early care and education profession and improvement of the lives of young children.

Learn more about your membership and visit to join or renew today. Keep your membership current and take advantage of all that NAEYC, CAAEYC and local chapters membership offers.