We are a Committee of Action!

We are a Committee of Action!

Cary Larson-McKay

The CAAEYC Diversity Committee has started work on our committee's actions. We believe that we must be a committee of action. However, that raises the question of what actions we need to take.

To answer that we ask CAAEYC members to participate with us to focus attention on the need for diversity, inclusion and equity. What do you, as members, see as the needs? What should we work toward? Please make suggestions about your interests and needs.

As we enter into the end of summer, with its focus on the out-of-doors activities, and come together in school spaces, group meetings, and legislative sessions, I am hoping that as the season shifts we become more aware of the past in ways previously unknown with more accuracy and compassion so that we can more clearly see the violations in the present, which might ultimately lead to a path to be hoped for in our future.

By becoming aware of a problem confronting one person, one group, one collection of peoples, we can begin to see patterns that affect other persons, groups or collections of peoples we can begin to see patterns that affect others. This takes time and effort, and is at the core of the Diversity Committee's work.

I encourage all of you to share those activities engaged in with colleagues, children or families that we can share with others. Do you have resources that are particularly successful in bringing understanding, collaboration and compassion to those participating?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Contact me at cary_mckay@yahoo.com.