Including All - Welcome to the Diversity Committee

Cary Larson-McKay

Including All - Welcome to the Diversity Committee

There are many words in many languages that remind us that we are connected to one another—we are community. Some of these words seem to express this concept with more depth than is implied by the English term community. A few come to mind.

  • Ubuntu—I am because of you, humanity and generosity of spirit. (Zulu and Xhosa)
  • Sinergia—Together we are greater and can achieve more. (Spanish)
  • Shura—Mutual cooperation of all and responsibility to all. (Arabic)
  • Yìwù—Duty and responsibility what you should do. (Chinese)

We are hoping that we can find the depth of meaning held in these terms in being part of the CAAEYC community as we work toward appreciation, equity and inclusion of all as part of the Diversity Committee’s work for active inclusion.

What other terms do you know, please share them with us.

Hello to each and every CAAEYC member and interested others. My name is Cary Larson-McKay. You might recognize my name as being associated with CAAEYC in several different capacities. In the past few years I have served as a member of the CAAEYC Board as a Local Representative, President of CAAEYC and most recently as Chair of the Chapter Relations Committee for CAAEYC. I am also a member of the NAEYC Affiliate Advisory Council.

This year I was asked to chair the CAAEYC Diversity in Action Committee, and we will be looking for a new name to match our vision. Rodney West the former Chair has honored me by agreeing to work with and mentor me as we expand our focus and outreach. We want to actively support inclusion in all the work you do with CAAEYC members, children, teachers and educators, families and your communities.

We want you and all interested individuals to join us in this journey into some uncharted and highly emotionally charged area of inclusion work. We invite everyone to contribute thoughts, ideas and stories that help us understand how to be more inclusive, to understand the need for inclusion, and support the work of including all toward greater equity. How can this committee support your journey of activating and refining inclusion in your work and life?

So we begin by inviting each of you to join us. Send us your ideas, thoughts, problems, resources, experiences and guidance for this committee’s work. The work of true inclusion is, by necessity, a community effort. You are our community. Please help us out—we cannot be inclusive without including you.

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