Taking a Knee for Diversity

Taking a Knee for Diversity

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Rodney West

There has been a knee-jerk reaction to the response of an NFL player in California last year that has led to protests throughout the country. All of the commotion is about a stance taken for social justice. A professional football player refused to stand for the National Anthem because of social injustices that had and are still taking place. The player instead took a knee (kneeling down) to acknowledge the negative trends going on in our society.

As a retired Early Childhood Educator; I often took a knee when interacting with young children. The posture was for me to better communicate without displaying intimidation. Taking a knee fostered nurturing and better communication. My developmentally appropriate antics enabled me and young learners to stand tall. Our association is in need of leaders who will take a knee and eventually stand together in unity.

I am beginning to speculate that our world leaders were not ever enrolled in preschool. Many of the actions do not match respect, justice and diversity. It is important that Early Childhood Educators examine and do critical thinking to react appropriately. There must also be a coalition to combat injustices. It has been echoed that hate is not from birth; but it is learned. California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAAEYC) advocates must immediately embrace and take a knee to enable better future of our children and families.

The Diversity-in-Action Committee is in dire need for anyone who would like to work on the committee. You will be welcomed with open arms. If you have any responses to this writing or would like to be a member of the committee, please email Rodney West (Chairperson) at mwalimurodney@cs.com. Be a part of the solution to embrace diversity across California and beyond.