Chapters, Come Stand by Us

Chapters, Come Stand by Us

Cary Larson-McKay

Many of us heard or heard of the gospel choir that recently sang Stand by Me at the recent royal wedding. Well, I think it is an apt sentiment for the Chapter Relations and Development Committee’s work.

Our stated purpose is to:

  • To serve as a direct link between CAAEYC, CAAEYC Board, CAAEYC Staff, and, CAAEYC Direct Chapters, CAAEYC Corporate Chapters, CAAEYC Satellites.
  • To facilitate communication between and among CAAEYC, Chapters and Satellites.
  • To provide assistance and support as needed for governance, leadership efficacy, member engagement and operations as needed.

Your Chapter has an assigned Ambassador who stands at the ready to link, facilitate and support. Just ask. Each of the CR&DC Ambassadors is highly committed and ready to help out. The committee is working for each Chapter to be the best possible version of who the Chapters are, what they do, and who they serve. Just let us know how we can best stand by you.

Let me quickly introduce the Ambassadors:

Ginger Swigart

  • California Cascade Chapter
  • Mendocino Coast Chapter
  • Redwood Coast Chapter

Joyce Daniels

  • Central Region Chapter
  • Sacramento Valley Chapter

Sally Rowden

  • Central California Chapter
  • Kern Chapter

Jenny Yen

  • Central Coast Chapter
  • Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Fran Chasen

  • Foothill and Greater San Gabriel Valley Chapter
  • Southern California Chapter

Terri Allison

  • Pacific Coast Chapter
  • Ventura Chapter

Michelle Soltero

  • Inland Empire Chapter
  • San Diego-Imperial Chapter

Cary Larson-McKay

  • East Bay Chapter
  • Marin Chapter
  • Redwood Empire Chapter

Many of the Chapters are having end of the year celebrations of providers, parents, teachers, higher education faculty, students and others. I want to congratulate all the Chapters who have recognized members and professionals in the field. Several Chapters received recognitions and commendations from their local government and organizations. I had the opportunity to attend several events and loved celebrating those who work so hard for the children and families of our state. Thank you!

As always send your announcements, pictures and reports of your events to CAAEYC and your Chapter Ambassador.

To each Chapter Leadership Team—your Chapter Ambassador is ready to stand by you.

From your Chapter Relations and Development Chair, call on me.

Standing together we are stronger and better and more effective.

Cary Larson-McKay