Seon Chun-Burbank

The CAAEYC Accreditation Committee acts as a liaison between NAEYC and the state of California. In this role, the committee stays abreast of NAEYC Academy updates, initiatives and programs; the committee also celebrates programs that achieve and maintain an accreditation status. This committee strives to ensure that CAAEYC has information on the most up-to-date research-based best practices in NAEYC standards and assessment - related to accreditation - in order to promote high-quality learning for young children in our state.

To be successful in this work, the committee has planned to:

  1. Maintain communication with NAEYC and local affiliate sub-committees
  2. Give recognition to newly accredited and renewal programs, and
  3. Provide information and workshops related to key factors in NAEYC accreditation.

I am the current committee chair and have been in ECE field for more than 20 years as a classroom teacher, an ECE technology instructor, an ECERS-R evaluator, a consultant, a Center for Early Education STEM presenter and a college professor in Seoul, Korea; Singapore; Waterloo, Iowa; Juneau, Alaska; Pasadena, California; and Costa Mesa, California.

The Accreditation Committee will present three workshops at the Annual Conference in Pasadena (three on Friday, April 20 and one repeated on Saturday, April 21). The details will be available on the Conference website - the online conference planner. You will be able to search by Accreditation track to locate the sessions. In addition, the Accreditation Committee will host a reception to honor accredited centers on Friday, April 20 after the last workshop.

CAAEYC Accreditation Committee consists of ECE program directors, a mentor coach, a college instructor and ECE specialists of a county office of education. The Committee seeks a classroom teacher from an accredited program and a college student as new members. Please contact seon.chun@vanguard.edu if you are interested in serving on the CAAEYC Accreditation Committee.