Awards and Grants Spotlight

Awards and Grants Spotlight

Diana-Thompson.pngIn order to celebrate the impact of the awards and grants program, CAAEYC interviewed previous recipients. We were so inspired by their stories that we decided to share them with you here. We've shared Cynthia Price's story and Leticia Mejia's story. Now, please enjoy our conversation with 2018 Irv Kaplan Award recipient Diana Thompson.

CAAEYC: Where were you on your professional path when you applied for an award?
Diana: I was going on my second year of just opening up my own in-home preschool enrichment program. So when I saw the opportunity to apply for the award I was very motivated because I knew that if I were to get the opportunity to attend the conference, I would learn so much from the workshops and I would be able to implement those new ideas into the classroom.

CAAEYC: How did you find out about the award?
Diana: I was a CAAEYC member for a number of years and received emails on a regular basis. When I saw the email about the awards being given out I was very interested in applying!

CAAEYC: What was your favorite part of conference?
Diana: My favorite part of the conference was the workshops. The presenters are so knowledgeable in the early childhood education field. I especially enjoyed the hands-on interactive workshops. Hands-on is how you learn best!

CAAEYC: What's something you learned at the conference that has helped you professionally?
Diana: I feel the leadership workshops helped me the most because during that time I had just opened up my preschool program. The tips and valuable information they presented were very beneficial for me during that time.

CAAEYC: Do you have any advice for a first-time conference attendee?
Diana: Enjoy every moment of it! Take notes, network with others and explore the expo!

CAAEYC: What are your professional goals now?
Diana: My professional goal right now is to expand my preschool so I can service more children. In addition, to continuing to attend the CAAEYC conferences because I I'm always learning something new!