Men and Early Care and Education (MECE) 2019 Honorees

Jose Nunez

Men and Early Care and Education (MECE) 2019 Honorees

During the 2019 CAAEYC Annual Conference at the MECE Meet and Greet Reception we honored Gary Thompson and Kevin Bremond, founders of the First Five Alameda County Fathers Corps. They were both honored as contributors to the profession of Early Care and Education. Gary was in attendance at the reception, but Kevin was unfortunately unable to attend. However, Kevin has submitted a letter addressing being honored.

Message from MECE Honoree Kevin Bremond

It is a sincere honor to receive the 2019 MECE Award and for the work of the Alameda County Fathers Corps to be acknowledged by CAAEYC. I have worked in the early childhood field for 15+ years and until we started the Fathers Corps in 2013, I never felt there was a coordinated effort to engage and support fathers of young children. Leading a father-focused program and receiving an award for the work we do is humbling; thank you CAAEYC and MECE for the work you do and recognizing the importance of fathers in early childhood.

In appreciation and solidarity,
Kevin Bremond, Co-founder of the Alameda County Fathers Corps
First 5 Alameda County

Honoree Gary Thompson celebrating with conference participants at the 2019 Second Annual CAAEYC (MECE) Meet & Greet Reception!

Gary Thompson receiving his Award at the 2019 2nd Annual CAAEYC MECE Meet & Greet Reception from Committee Chair, Jose C. Nunez