Recognition and Celebration

Recognition and Celebration

By Jagruti Patel

CAAEYC supports and applauds all the Family Child Care homes and the providers across the state. This reflected at the Annual Conference, this year in Santa Clara. At the Center for Social Change, the Family Child Care Committee set up a table based on theme of the Conference – Celebration the JOY of Childhood.

Providers from various counties got together to brainstorm, plan and execute. The stage was set with quotes on JOY on a big display board, with an interactive activity of conference attendees sharing on paper their experiences of JOY.

A diverse cultural scenario was created depicting a banyan tree of hope – thread bands were tied on wrists of attendees – wishing them luck for the year. A dragon was set up leading the journey of life with flowers made from paper inviting spring this year.

An array of traditional Mexican games were set up on a table for everyone to play and enjoy their childhood again. We collected a lot of stories and experiences from each other, creating a wealth of information to accumulate and assimilate.

Another event we organized was with the Child Care Resource Center, San Bernardino to celebrate the ‘Provider’s Appreciation Day’ on May 18, 2019. Inland Empire providers were invited to honor, enjoy and relax. A lavish three course lunch with lots of raffle prizes (donated by Lakeshore and Discount Supply Stores) was organized. Everyone clicked their pictures at a photo booth and took it with them to cherish. Music, yoga and games were enjoyed by all the guests of honor. James Moses gave an update on new bills and policies on ECE and how it will impact/benefit the providers at large. Everyone went home with a bag of goodies and a big smile of thankfulness.