Summary of the Sessions

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Summary of the Sessions

Posted: December 5, 2019

The 2019 legislative session officially adjourned in September and October 13, 2019 was the final day for Governor Newsom to act on legislation for the 2019 year. This is the end to the first year of a two-year legislative cycle. In his final action, the Governor vetoed many bills he noted may have high-cost pressures. With 2019 being Governor Newsom’s first legislative session, there were no shortage of bills introduced by legislators. 2019 brought many wonderful investments for the early learning field. Unfortunately, many of these investments were through one-time funding that limits, to some degree, the long-term positive impacts for our children, families and our field. Continuing to exist are significant burdens on working families and those struggling with homelessness and poverty. Your public policy team will continue to work with our elected officials, as well as statewide and local partners to continue advocating for children, families, and our programs. Below are outcomes of bills the CAAEYC Public Policy Committee has been following. An * indicates a bill supported by CAAEYC. If there are additional bills you would like us to follow, please email this information to mailto:

These bills have been signed by the Governor and will go into effect January 1, 2020 unless noted otherwise.
AB 2 (Santiago) Community Colleges California College Promise
AB 5 (Gonzales) Worker Status – Independent Contractors
AB 378 (Limon) Childcare – family childcare providers; bargaining representative
SB 234 (Skinner)* Family Child Care Homes

AB 23 (Burke) Workforce Training Programs – See Governor’s veto message here
AB 197 (Weber) Full-day kindergarten – See Governor’s veto message here

Two-Year Bills
The following bills will continue through the legislative process in 2020. There are a number of reasons a bill becomes a two-year bill including but not limited to: bill language modification, cost pressure concerns, veto concerns, parts of the bill already taken up in budget, etc.
AB 6 (Reyes) Early Childhood education: interagency coordination and quality improvement.
AB 123 (McCarty) Early childhood education; state preschool program; access; standards.
AB 124 (McCarty) Childcare; local planning councils.
AB 125 (McCarty)* Early childhood education; reimbursement rates.
AB 194 (Reyes)* Access to childcare and development services.
AB 244 (Voepel) Postsecondary education; student financial aid; Cal Grants.
AB 452 (Mullin)* Childcare facilities; grants.
SB 174 (Leyva)* Early childhood education: reimbursement rates.

Dead Bills
The following bills are technically dead for this legislative cycle. The language in these bills can be picked up and presented in another bill vehicle.
AB 167 (Rubio) Child care and development services; infants and toddlers; state funding.
AB 324 (Aguiar-Curry)* Child care services; state-subsidized childcare; professional support stipends.
AB 447 (Alvin) Child care facilities criminal record clearances.
AB 1001 (Ting) Child care local planning councils.