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The Baby Signs® Program is looking for educators, therapists and other child development professionals who are passionate about working with new parents, babies and caregivers. Become certified as a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor and have fun teaching:

  • Parent Workshops
  • Infant/Toddler Play Classes
  • Early Childhood Educator Training
  • Additional enrichment classes for parents and children from birth to age 5

The Baby Signs® ICI Program is designed to train, certify and support our world wide network of instructors – we provide training – in both infant sign language, early childhood development and a certification to teach the Baby Signs® Program. The ICI Program is a self-paced, distance learning training program, consisting of both written and video materials. It includes ready-to-teach curricula, business administration documents, marketing tools and resources, training DVDs and CDs and much more.

The Baby Signs® Program also offers a full line of training options for children’s health and educational organizations. Your organization can to implement this research-proven early intervention program and offer Baby Signs® classes and workshops to families in your community.

For more information visit https://babysignstoo.com/teach or email training@babysignstoo.com

*Instructors needed throughout California*


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Category: Educators/Classroom

Type: PT

Location: Throughout CA, CA

Salary: Competitive Salary

Posted On: March 7th, 2023

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Website: https://babysignstoo.com

The Baby Signs® Program is a simple and fun program using sign language to communicate with hearing babies and toddlers before they can talk. Through two decades of academic research, including a long-term study funded by the National Institutes of Health, we know with certainty that the Baby Signs® Program yields the following exciting benefits for babies and their families:

  • Jump starts verbal language development
  • Promotes early literacy
  • Boosts intellectual achievement as measured by IQ at age 8, a full 12 points
  • Decreases frustration and aggression at home and in the classroom
  • Increases adults respect for babies abilities
  • Strengthens the adult-infant relationship
  • Fosters positive emotional development IQ.

Baby Signs®, the ORIGINAL sign language program for hearing babies, has been bringing powerful, research-proven benefits to babies and their families around the world for over 30 years. The Baby Signs® Program is the world’s leading sign language program for hearing babies because it’s the only program:

  • created by child development experts specifically for babies.
  • proven through scientific research to provide positive benefits for babies.
  • based on American Sign Language but flexible to fit the needs of all families.
  • with a full range of classes and products for parents, babies, and child development centers.