Adria Taha-Resnick

Adria Taha-Resnick.pngPresident

As a longtime member of AEYC Adria Taha-Resnick values the ways in which professionalism in the early childhood field is valued. She believes that with guidance and understanding, every person working with young children should understand their role as a leader. In small or large ways, every person can be an advocate for families and themselves. She hopes to bring a climate of understanding professionalism and leadership through respect and information. Adria believes CAAEYC is a wonderful platform to reach so many and aid them in their own self-discovery of their leadership abilities.

Adria believes that in order for our members to provide high-quality programming, we must have exemplary professionals in the field. As a professional organization, CAAEYC can guide and support its members to achieve their goals to be highly qualified professionals. She enjoys being a part of the noble profession of early childhood educators and hopes to be a part of projecting this ideal to the state members.

Adria became sensitive to diversity and inclusion working in a Title 1 school years ago and it continued through her years administering a very large program. Understanding so many diverse families was enlightening and rewarding. Adria’s doctoral studies had an emphasis in social justice where she thoroughly examined how educators play a role in leading children and teachers to understanding our diverse world. Personally growing up in a multi-cultural family, Adria has always had an appreciation for the benefit that different cultures and backgrounds can make in the life of a child. She has continued by sharing her experiences and teaching college students how they too can impact the life of a child and their family through understanding and respect.

Adria has been in the early childhood field for more than 22 years and had served in numerous roles including teacher, administrator, trainer/consultant and college educator. She currently teaches at California State University, Channel Islands in the Early Childhood Studies department. Adria stays current in theory and implementation and my main focus is in leadership and administration. Teaching new teachers how valuable their roles are and how professionalism can elevate the early childhood field as a whole is something she values tremendously.

Adria received her Bachelor’s in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento; her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia St. Paul; and completed her Doctoral degree in education in May 2019.

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