Preschool Director

Centennial Christian Preschool, United Methodist Church - Sacramento, CA


5401 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA   95822 

Job Description

Director, Centennial Christian Preschool

 The Position

- The Director is accountable to the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) of Centennial United Methodist Church (CUMC) through the Council of Ministries and the Centennial Christian Preschool Advisory Committee (PAC). Centennial Christian Preschool is a licensed daycare facility.



- Preferred Bachelor’s Degree

- Required Early Childhood Education coursework as outlined in the State of CA Title 22 licensing requirements for a Director.

- Director must be an individual who is able to relate well to adults and children.

-Director must have the personality and ability to provide leadership and stability for the program continuity.


Terms of Employment

- Year round. The program runs from September – May. There could also be summer sessions. The Director will have additional summer responsibilities.



- Social Security

-Vacation and holidays observed by the SCUSD.



- The staff at Centennial Christian Preschool receive a salary on the 15th and 30th (31st) of the month from September through May.


Selection Process

- Written resume will be submitted. Initial screening will be performed by an interviewing committee comprised of the current director, the pastor and a member of the PAC. Prospective candidate(s) will be interviewed by the SPRC. Employment to be approved by the Administrative Board upon the recommendation of the SPRC.


General Duties and Responsibilities


 Centennial Christian Preschool is a non-profit licensed daycare facility. It is a parent participation program. As a Director of this type of program, these are the responsibilities of the job:


-  Maintain contact with state of CA and local regulatory agencies. 

- Complete biennial mandated reporter training.

- Complete sexual harassment training.

- Conform to health, safety and licensing regulations.

- Maintain and update staff records in accordance with the State of CA Community Care Licensing.

- Maintain all students’ records in accordance with the State of CA Community Care Licensing.

- Serve as ex-officio member of the Preschool Advisory Committee (PAC) as well as preparing the agenda for    these meetings.

- Maintain a  positive working relationship with CUMC employees and Board of Trustees.

- Keep all records that pertain to the administration of the school.

- Prepare periodic reports on the state of the school to the PAC.

-  Continue personal growth in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE). It is recommended that the      director become a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and

maintain a library for staff use.

- Plan the yearly calendar of holidays, field trips, special events and fundraisers.

- Supervise the management of the classrooms.

- Schedule the responsibilities of the teaching staff.

- Prepare monthly calendars, newsletters, parent work schedules, communication to the families including pertinent information on child development.

- Purchase all equipment and supplies for the school.                                  .

- Correspond with current and perspective Centennial Christian Preschool families

- Inform the CUMC office staff of all holidays and special events held on and off the site.

- Provide a monthly article for the CUMC newsletter.


Fiscal Responsibilities

- Operate the school within its budget.

- Purchase all equipment and supplies.

- Collect monthly tuition and enrollment fees for the school year and potential summer sessions.

- Organize fundraising efforts with the assistance of a lead committee.


Space and Equipment

- Plan for and equip indoor and outdoor areas.

- Keep inventory records.

- Manage and inventory supplies and replace and stockpile as needed.

- Maintain cleanliness of the classrooms and yard as needed. (Outside of the custodial care)



- Recruit applicants for available positions.

- Alert church to job openings and help organize an interviewing committee with SPRC approval.

-  Recommend staff members for permanent status, advancement or removal.

- Conduct staff meetings

- Provide new staff with in-service training.

- Assist staff in daily, weekly and yearly planning.

- Assist staff in developing a workable plan for using indoor and outdoor space.

- Plan and implement procedures that lead to wholesome interpersonal relationships between staff members.

- Implement procedures for meeting with individual staff members to solve any problems that may occur.

- Plan and implement procedures for keeping accurate classroom records.

- Assist staff in making meaningful decisions for the students.

- Conduct observations with the teachers to better serve the students.

- Assist staff in planning individual programs for professional growth and development.

- Serve as assistant or sub as needed in the classroom.

- Assist in classrooms and outdoors when needed.

- Keep personnel records updated.



- Enroll children on a first come basis with returning children having first priority followed by siblings, members of CUMC and then children on the waiting list.

- Coordinate all registration and enrollment.

- Maintain a waiting list for fall enrollment up to three years in advance. 

- Fill openings after fall enrollment in an as needed basis.

-  Inform prospective families of the school philosophy through phone calls and visits.

- Maintain an advertising and public relations program within the community to promote enrollment.



- Plan and conduct the back to school orientation in which families are informed of parent participation responsibilities and policies.

-Prepare a parent handbook.

- Adhere to the Admission Agreement signed by the families.

- Develop and maintain a good working relationship with parents and families.

- Organize and attend parent work days to maintain the high quality of the school site.

- Track the additional mandatory work hours the families must serve.

- Assist families with special needs children to develop the best opportunities for their student.

- Assist chairpersons of fundraising committees. Fundraisers are essential in order to maintain a quality  non-profit program.



- Assist in the educational planning of a developmentally appropriate preschool with Christian values.

- Plan and organize field trips.

- Establish and maintain a relationship with each child.

- Conduct observations of children and log pertinent information.

- Be available to assist in a discipline issue if needed.



- Plan and implement a safety program for the school including fire safety, intruder safety and basic indoor and outdoor safety.

- Conduct monthly fire drills.

- Conduct earthquake drills.

- Maintain a plan for evacuation.

- Maintain an adequately equipped first aid kit.

- As a requirement by the CCL – Biennial Infant and Children’s CPR and First Aid training.


Community Relations

- Arrange visits for prospective families and provide them with a pleasant and worthwhile visit.

- Establish and maintain a relationship with educators at the elementary school level in order to provide the best transitional program for the preschool children.

- Establish a relationship with the surrounding businesses.  


How to Apply

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Job Details

Category: Management

Type: PT

Location: Sacramento, CA

Salary: 32000.00 - 34000.00

Posted On: July 25th, 2022

Agency Details


Centennial United Methodist Church is a multi-lingual congregation that values diversity in our preschool families, staff and curriculum. We promote Christian values and celebrate Christian holidays but do not teach Christian doctrine.  We are a parent participation model school with several family activities through the school year. We also include our Preschool families in neighborhood events. We are located on Freeport Blvd. near I-5 and Land Park (zoo and Fairy Tale Town).