California Association for the Education of Young Children
April 11-13, 2019 | Santa Clara, CA
2019 Call for Presentations

We recognize that the following procedures are lengthy; however, we want you to have as much information as possible prior to completing the online submission form.

You must complete the form all at once. Be sure to allow sufficient time to complete your submission. You will not have the option to complete a portion and come back to it.

Procedures for Submitting a Workshop Proposal
  • Workshop proposals accepted online only.
  • All information must be completed on the Call for Presentations form or the proposal will not be considered.
  • Workshop titles must clearly communicate the content of the program. If your proposal is accepted, brief workshop descriptions will be listed in the Final Program distributed onsite and on CAAEYC's Conference mobile app.
  • Primary presenters may submit up to two proposals. If more than two proposals are submitted, the first two proposals submitted based upon the automated date stamp from the system will be accepted; all additional proposals after the second proposal will be subsequently deleted.
  • Primary presenters are limited to presenting in two workshops, including participation as a co-presenter.
  • Sessions are 90 minutes in length.
  • Spell out abbreviations or acronyms for institutions, school names, job titles or cities.
  • Do not type in all caps; also be sure to proof your own typing for spelling and grammar acccuracy.
  • Proposal must be submitted by Monday, September 24, 2018. Proposals submitted after that date may not be considered.

Content of Workshops
The purpose of CAAEYC is to serve and act on behalf of the needs and rights of young children by providing educational services and resources to adults who work with children from birth through 8 years of age including child care center staff, family child care providers, elementary school teachers, administrators and staff and many others. CAAEYC's Annual Conference attracts more than 2,000 participants. As a service to its approximately 5,000 members, CAAEYC is looking for topics on practical experience and applied research in all areas relating to early childhood professionals.

Please note there is a demand for advanced level workshops, and workshops for family childcare and elementary/school-age programs.

Presenter Guidelines
In alignment with CAAEYC's mission and best practices in early childhood care and education, all presenters are encouraged to consider the guidelines below when submitting a workshop proposal:

  • Use non-discriminatory words in verbal and written communications. Review your material and substitute asexual words such as sales representative or sales person instead of salesman. Refrain from using labels (e.g., referring to women as "girls"). Eliminate sexist language in your handouts (e.g., replace masculine pronouns with he or she, or reword sentences or phrases).
  • Avoid discriminatory jokes (e.g., belittling a person's sex, race or age, or perpetuating a stereotype).
  • Introduce panel members in a non-sexist manner. Avoid references to personal/physical attributes.
  • Avoid visual aids that show people in stereotypical roles. Regardless of sex, race, age groups, etc., present individuals without bias.

Additional Information

Leadership Day
Leadership Day is the first day (Thursday) of our Conference and is designed to focus on leaders in ECE. Leaders may have an interest in Public Policy, Accreditation, Membership, Fundraising, Leadership Development, Professional Development, etc. Considering the focus of Leadership Day, proposals should address topics, strategies, skills, etc., for ECE leaders as opposed to classroom practice. Leadership Day can also provide leaders an opportunity to share their contributions to ECE not only at the local level but at the state level as well. Be sure to check the box if you would like your workshop to be considered for Leadership Day.

Presenter Registration
CAAEYC is pleased that you have decided to submit a workshop proposal for consideration for our Annual Conference. Below is information that will help make your session and your experience at the Annual Conference as productive and rewarding as possible.

All presenters need to register for the conference and make their own travel and housing arrangements. All presenters (primary and up to two co-presenters) will receive a discount on conference registration. If your proposal is accepted, we will send discounted registration information at that time.

In the event you will not participate in any other CAAEYC Conference events other than presenting your workshop, there will be no charge. This applies to all presenters. However, you must register as "presenter only" to ensure you have a badge.

If your workshop is selected, presenter registration (primary and co-presenters as appropriate) will be available online and due no later than January 31, 2019. Primary and co-presenter registration information submitted by this deadline will be included online in the Conference Planner, the printed program, and on CAAEYC's Conference mobile app. If presenter registration is received after this deadline, CAAEYC is unable to guarantee including the information online in the Conference Planner, the printed program, or on CAAEYC's Conference mobile app.

Honorarium and Expenses
As a non-profit educational association, CAAEYC does not pay an honorarium for workshop presentations. Presenters must also cover their own travel and printing expenses. CAAEYC offers workshop handouts online and thus does not print workshop handouts for distribution.

Meeting Room Setup
All workshop rooms are set theater style (rows of seats with podium at the front). This room set is used to maximize the number of seats available in the program. However, there might be an opportunity for an alternative room setup, which would be rounds (banquet style). Special meeting room setup will be considered based on interpreted logistics of the workshop if selected and based on space availability. If you would like your workshop to be considered for an alternative room setup, you will have an opportunity to request and include an explanation when submitting your workshop proposal. There will be no guarantee that the request for an alternative room set will be provided.

Audio-Visual Equipment
CAAEYC provides the following for all workshop rooms:

  • Head table with two chairs
  • One wired microphone if the room holds more than 80 people
  • LCD projector, screen, cart and cables to connect YOUR OWN laptop to the LCD projector.

CAAEYC will also provide you with one additional audio visual tool/aid. You will have the opportunity to select one of the following when submitting your presentation:

  • Flip chart with markers (please note this is for meeting rooms holding less than 80 people); or
  • Additional wired microphone (for rooms holding more than 80 people)

Computers are NOT provided by CAAEYC. Presenters may bring their own computers, overhead projectors or rent them through CAAEYC's AV provider. CAAEYC reserves the right to not accommodate all AV requests.

Learning Level
In the proposal form, you will have the opportunity to designate the ideal participant's level of knowledge/skills most appropriate for your workshop. Please also remember that CAAEYC is in need of advanced workshops.

  • Introductory--Workshops will discuss concepts that are considered basic skills/knowledge
  • Intermediate--Workshops that participants may more fully comprehend/appreciate if they have at least some work experience in the field
  • Advanced--Workshops will present concepts requiring a high-level of work experience or educational background in the particular area/topic to be discussed
  • Appropriate for All

Promotion of Materials/Non-Commercial Presentations
CAAEYC workshops are learning experiences and are to remain free of commercial influence. Vested interest in workshop content does not prevent a proposal from being accepted, but the relationship must be disclosed to workshop participants. "Vested interest" includes curriculum, CDs, and/or books that are self-produced and sold for profit.

If selected, a presenter should state their connection at the beginning of the presentation. A financial supporter of the program may be referenced verbally one time and included in one slide at the end of the workshop. Marketing materials may be available in the room for participants to pick up at their discretion. Sales of products/materials are to be conducted in the exhibit hall and only within contracted booth space. For information on exhibiting, contact CAAEYC at or (916) 486-7750.

Workshops Proposed as a Series
If your proposal is in conjunction with a series of proposed workshops, please state this intent in the "Additional Comments" section of the proposal form (e.g., "This is workshop one of two in the Music 123 series."). Please tell us if your workshop is only to be considered in conjunction with the series or if the workshop can be accepted independent of the other programs proposed in the series.

If you are selected to present at CAAEYC's Annual Conference & Expo, please view this engagement as you would any other professional commitment. Sharing your knowledge is a valuable contribution to the field and to the participants of your workshop. With the exception of emergency situations, personal or business, we request your full commitment.

Communications from CAAEYC will be via email and directed to the primary presenters. Primary presenters will be responsible for communicating information from CAAEYC to their additional presenters. A valid email address is required for all primary presenters - double check that you have typed your email address correctly.

Please consider the following guidelines when preparing and submitting your workshop proposal:
Developmentally Appropriate Practice

  • Age appropriateness: reflective of physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development within the identified age span
  • Individual appropriateness: recognize individual patterns and timing of growth as well as individual learning styles and family background. Both the curriculum and adult's interaction with children should be responsive to individual differences

Diversity/Equity Education

  • Present multicultural activities that are integrated into the total curriculum; not added on for special occasions or holidays
  • Include activities that meet the needs of children from various backgrounds and cultures
  • Include information enabling teachers/caregivers to handle the bias and discomfort present when addressing diversity issues

Review and Acceptance Process
Each workshop proposal will be reviewed by at least three of your peers including CAAEYC's Conference Committee. All reviewers are currently in the ECE field. Criteria for acceptance will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Workshop timeliness and relevancy of content
  • Educational value of content
  • Workshop objectives and do the learner outcomes meet the objectives
  • Is the proposal thorough and professional
  • Presenter qualifications
  • If the presenter is commercially vested in the product did he/she provide a clear understanding of how they will present their workshop without giving the audience a sales pitch
  • Equal representation of presentations among the topic tracks

All submitters will be notified of their presentation's status starting in early December 2018.


  • Before beginning the workshop proposal submittal process, have the following information available:
    • Name, title and email of all presenters
    • Contact information for primary presenter
    • Presenter qualifications on the proposed presentation subject
    • Workshop title
    • Workshop summary (max 350 words)
    • Learning objectives
    • Workshop description (30 words or less)
  • Complete the workshop proposal process all at once. It may be helpful to prepare your information in a Word document, then copy the workshop details into the proposal form.
  • If submitting more than one proposal, complete the first proposal before moving on to the second.
  • There will be an opportunity to review all information prior to submitting.
  • Print a copy of your proposal before submitting.
  • If proposal was successful in the submission process, an email notification is automatically generated by the system.
September 24, 2018 Deadline for submitting proposals
December, 2018 Accept/Decline notifications will be sent to submitters of proposals
January 31, 2019 Registration fee is due for all presenters
April 11-13, 2019 CAAEYC Annual Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA

To assist you in preparing your proposal, you may click on the link below for a PDF format of the submission form. Click here for the PDF sample form.

I have read and accept the Call for Presentations guidelines and policies, which includes my understanding that all workshop rooms are set theatre-style (with a few exceptions) and CAAEYC does not provide computers/laptops or other AV equipment (LCD projector is provided). (After selecting this option, you will proceed to the Call for Presentations submittal process.)