Part-Time Benefitted Teacher Positions

Peninsula Jewish Community Center - Foster City , CA




Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Create a classroom environment that supports the needs of each individual child with concerns for their interests, individual learning style and stage of development, as well as the class as a group. Helps each child to become aware of his / her role as a member of the group while reinforcing positive self-esteem.
  • Plans individual and group activities to stimulate growth in language, social, and motor skills such as learning to listen to instructions, playing with others, and using play equipment.
  • Incorporate learning about Jewish holidays, values and culture into the classroom environment.
  • Instructs children in practices of self-care, and help children with self-care as needed. Implement a developmentally appropriate toilet-training program in a positive and nurturing manner when needed.
  • Is responsible for ordered arrangement, appearance, and age-appropriate learning environment of classroom. Develops and implements lesson plans. Cares for, maintains, and requests supplies and equipment.
  • Alternates periods of strenuous activity with periods of rest or light activity to avoid overstimulation and fatigue.
  • Helps children develop habits of caring for own clothing and picking up and putting away toys and books.
  • Serves meals and healthy snacks to children.
  • Communicate with families regularly through email, in-person conversation and annual parent-teacher conferences


Treehouse Program 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Responsible for the safety and supervision of children, including transportation from school to the PJCC.
  • Assists with planning and implementing programs for the children, including social action and themed programming.
  • Ensures that the afterschool program runs smoothly.
  • Supervise, teach and interact with children.
  • Support goals and spirit of PJCC.
  • Responsible for orderly arrangement, appearance, and age-appropriate learning environment of classroom. Develops and implements lesson plans. Cares for, maintains, and requests supplies and equipment.
  • Serves meals and/or healthy snacks to children.


Shifts Available:


Monday - Friday: Between the hours of 7:30am - 4pm and 8am - 4:30pm

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Category: Educators/Classroom

Type: PT

Location: Foster City , CA

Salary: Competitive Salary

Posted On: August 14th, 2020

Agency Details


The Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC) cultivates Jewish culture and values, builds community, and serves people of all ages on the North Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our excellent educational, cultural, and recreational programs create a vibrant, inviting gathering place where people of all backgrounds and ages feel at home. Our warm and caring preschool serves over 250 children, ages 2-5, and their families. Our play-based, child-led school philosophy emphasizes the values of responsibility, dignity, kindness, community, tradition, generosity and respect. Our large classrooms, beautiful outdoor spaces and wonderful enrichments including PE, Music and Gardening are highlights of our programs. Teachers collaborate together and enjoy ongoing professional development opportunities as a part of their schedule. In addition to a generous benefits package, teachers also receive membership to our Fitness Center, including access to personal trainers, group fitness classes, pools, and workout facilities.


Teachers are responsible for creating a warm, inviting and developmentally appropriate classroom environment.


Safety/Cleaning Protocols: 

The PJCC is committed to maintaining a high level of cleanliness and implementing structures to promote social distancing. Each staff member must take their responsibility seriously to help keep our community clean and healthy. We must all understand and implement the following three methods to keep ourselves safe:

  • Personal hygiene protocols, including use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Disinfection
  • Physical distancing, which includes staying home when you are sick.

Maintaining cleaning protocols to exceed requirements provides a safe and caring environment for staff, children and families.