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    November 2018
  • Question:  we currently have an Affiliate Committee in Merced County called the GAEYC and would they be considered a sub chapter of us within this new structure?

    Response:  In the situation where a Local Affiliate becomes a Chapter of CAEYC (dissolves corporation, etc.), we have drafted a structure that provides for Subchapters to be recognized and supported under the Chapter.  There will be capacity thresholds that a Chapter must meet in order to support a Subchapter; and the Chapter Affiliation Agreement will address these requirements/conditions specifically.

    For Federated Chapters, we are discussing a structure that would support Subchapters.  Because the Federated Chapters would maintain their own Director & Officer and General Liability insurance policies, file their own tax returns, etc, we want to have more conversation about this structure, specifically as it relates to liability, etc.  There will be similar capacity thresholds and requirements/conditions that the Federated Chapter will need to meet, along with the expectations to support a Subchapter, if that is a structure that is recommended by the CAEYC National Dialogue Ad Hoc Committee to the CAEYC State Board.

    February 2016
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    January 2016
  • eConnections is out! Would love to hear feedback on format, content......
    Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and am looking forward to a productive 2016!
    December 2015
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