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Mayra Almodovar


Tammy Boates
Tammy Boates is a full-time Early Childhood Education instructor at Hartnell College and teaches online courses part-time at Cuyamaca College. She has a M.S. Degree in Child Development, a California Multiple Subject Credential, and an Early Childhood-Socio-Emotional and Behavior Regulation Intervention Specialist Certificate.

In previous years, Tammy taught for San Diego State University and was a behavioral coach for the SDSU EC-SEBRIS program. During this time, she had the opportunity to use reflective practice as a means to support students on the importance of early childhood intervention in the classroom setting. Furthermore, Tammy was a California Mentor Teacher for many years and has experience working with diverse, low SES, and at risk children. She has a passion for the field and the daily work that we do with children and their families.