Primary Presenter

Elidia Anaya
My educational background consists of completing a BA in Child Development from California State University, Northridge in 2005. As a senior I worked at the Child and Family Studies Center on campus as well as though my first Master's degree in Family Consumer Science emphasis Family Studies. In this Master's program I learned about the different theories regarding the family and how to create my own study on a relevant topic. I completed the program in 2007. Further, I went back to California State University, Northridge to pursue a Master's degree in Educational Psychology emphasis Early Childhood which I completed in 2012. Through this program I learned educational theories, curriculum, family engagement, and participated in the Partnership for Excellence program.
I am part of the Child Development Department at Los Angeles Mission College as Adjunct Faculty for the past five years. I have the experience of teaching Child Development 1 (Child Growth and Development), Child Development 4 (Creative Experiences for Children II), Child Development 2 (Early Childhood: Principles and Practices), and Child Development 7 (Introduction to Curriculum in Early Childhood). Most of these classes I have taught bilingually. Teaching bilingually involves PowerPoints being translated to Spanish and activities explained in Spanish as well. Furthermore, I worked at Child Care Resource Center for the past six years as a Teacher in the Head Start program working with children ages three to five. As the classroom teacher, I implement curriculum activities that are based on the developmental and learning needs of the children through Creative Curriculum. I also worked with the families documenting and describing the development of their child, how to support their growth and learning at home and related services that we offer. Further, I supervised two teacher assistants that work with me in the classroom. Currently I still work for Child Care Resource Center with the Resource and Referral department as a Professional Development Coach for Quality Start Los Angeles for the California State Preschool Programs.


Rocio Flores
I obtained a BA in Child and Adolescence Development in 2009 from California State University Northridge. My work experience extends a period of 19 years in a variety of program expanding from childcare center, non-profit, private, corporate and state funded programs. The age range of the children that I have worked with is from infancy to school age. My current job position is a Center Director for Child Care resource Center for the past year. Before I was a Lead Teacher Designee for Head Start through Child Care Resource Center for the past 5 years, this job title combines both Lead Teacher and Administrative tasks and duties. I have also worked as a Pre-K Teacher at a corporate and a private school setting. I have been an Assistant Director for a non-profit program. Through these experiences I have had the opportunity to teach children, educate parents on their child's development and have mentored fellow co-workers. I am a passionate and dedicated educator, I feel that providing education is the most valuable tool that any individual can obtain to be successful in life.
Carmen Muniz
I am currently working on my AA in Child Development at Los Angeles Mission College. I worked for over 18 years in various positions in a head start program such as a family advocate, clerk, teacher assistant. In various occasions I have covered the lead teacher for up to four months. As a teacher assistant I worked with children ages three to five. I implemented curriculum activities that were based on the developmental needs of the children through Creative Curriculum. I also worked with the families documenting and describing the development of their child, how to support their growth and learning at home, and related services that were offered.