Primary Presenter

Lars Gustafson
Lars earned his bachelor's degree in communication at Eastern Michigan University, and recently finished his master's of education with a concentration in ECE at San Francisco State University. He has worked with preschool age children for 14 years and has encountered differing opinions and classroom rules regarding children's risky play. His field study focused on big body, rough and tumble, and war play.


Todd Erickson
Todd achieved his bachelor's degree at Cal State-Northridge, in Childhood and Adolescent Development. He earned his master's of arts in education with a concentration in early childhood degree at San Francisco State University. He has been teaching for 19 years- 11 at Bing Nursery School and 8 at Foundations School Community, a private/progressive k-8.
Peckie Peters
Peckie earned her bachelor degree in human biology, with an emphasis in child development from Stanford University. She graduated with a master's degree in special education from Boston University. She has been teaching at Bing Nursery School since 2000.