Primary Presenter

Rose-Stella Ahmed
Rose-Stella Ahmed is an intuitive pediatric occupational therapist, lecturer, and advocate who holds a Masters degree from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California. Since 2008, she's worked with children with special needs in school and outpatient settings, provided in-home therapy for infants through the ALTA regional center, and treated children with physical disabilities at Shriner's Hospital for children.
Rose-Stella is the owner of Ms. Rose's TheraPlace. She provides occupational therapy to students with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, and developmental disabilities in general and special education classes. Rose-Stella is certified by the Sensory Processing Therapy and Research (STAR) Center, a world leader in research for Sensory Processing Disorder certified, and is certified by the Placer county SELPA on behavior management strategies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In 2013, Rose-Stella participated in a case study about sensory strategies for children with Autism, led by occupational therapist Diana Henry. This led to the development of a published therapy guide called "Sensory Processing Measure Quick Tips" in 2014.
Rose-Stella fulfills her passion for raising awareness about invisible disabilities and advocating for perspectives of other minority groups by presenting interactive workshops. Through an engaging public speaking style, she is effective at communicating complex ideas and making them relatable to any audience demographic, from children to health care specialists. She has guest lectured at Sacramento State University on Sensory Processing Disorder, and continues to do workshops for teachers and parents on incorporating sensory strategies into the school and home environments. Her workshop entitled "Sensory Smart Classroom" provides attendees with a hands-on understanding of Sensory Processing Integration and practical classroom strategies to support learners with this disorder.
During her spare time, Rose-Stella serves as a consultant to the Sacramento Children's Museum and is a founder of it's free Autism pre-school program called ExplorAbility. She is a member if the Occupational Therapy Honor society Phi Theta Epsilon, American Occupational Therapy Association, and California Occupational Therapy Association.